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Crafting Peace
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Story type
Character Goal
Nylar 4 Ambassador
The Zapp Brannigan Event

Crafting Peace is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the personal goal of Nylar 4 Ambassador, an unlockable character available during the The Zapp Brannigan Event, Act 2.

Part 1


Nylar 4 Ambassador campaigns for peace.



  • 250 DOOP Supplies 100 XP


The Professor Welcome to New New York, Mr. Ambassador. I understand you yarn people are lobbying DOOP to end the war.

Nylar 4 Ambassador Meeessswepepwmeespsope eeeeeewwww.

The Professor Of course I don't think you're cowards for not wanting to fight the Trisolians!

The Professor They're made of water. One lost battle and your people would have that wet smell for years.

Nylar 4 Ambassador Meeessswepepwmeespsope e?

Leela Yes, I've seen those friendship bracelets your people are distributing. It's a wonderful way of encouraging peace, but the hemp is very itchy.

Nylar 4 Ambassador Meespsopeeeeeewwww.

Leela Yes, I understand. Nylar lives matter.

Nylar 4 Ambassador

Part 2


Nylar 4 Ambassador takes a diplomatic tour of NNY.



  • 750 DOOP Supplies 300 XP


Glab Would you like to join us for a visit to the zoo, Mr. Ambassador? No diplomatic mission to New New York would be complete without it.

Nylar 4 Ambassador Meeessswepep?

Glab Yes, we can skip the big cats exhibit.

Glab You want to visit a retirement center? But why?

Nylar 4 Ambassador Weeepepwmeespsop.

Glab You might... but most old ladies are pretty set in their ways. You're not going to have much luck talking them out of their knitting groups.

Glab So we should probably double your security detail.

Part 3


Nylar 4 Ambassador campaigns for non-yarn DIY projects.



  • 1000 DOOP Supplies 500 XP


Glab So how did your visit to the retirement center go? Did you talk any grannies out of knitting?

Nylar 4 Ambassador Meeessswepepwmeespsope eeee!

Glab That's brilliant. Endowing a room for making wine-bottle bird-feeders will definitely distract those old ladies.

Glab And they'll probably never realize it's just a bar.

Leela We hope you've enjoyed your visit, Mr. Ambassador. Please take our best wishes for a speedy end to the war back to your people.

Nylar 4 Ambassador Meeessswepepwmeespso.

Leela Goodbye!

Leela Thank God we kept him away from the garment district...

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