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Cowboy Kif
Outfit For:
Delivery Boy Delivery Boy
Cool.png Cool
Red Light District
A New Sheriff
Combat Style:
Rank 2: Passive Attack Captain.png
I'm the Captain Now
Cowboy Kif deals 20% increased damage to Captains
Rank 3: Passive Attack Captain.png
Cowboy Kif's Special Attack also applies a buff to all allies that increases damage to Captains by 10% for 3 turns
Rank 4: Passive Bleed.png
Light 'Em Up, Cowboy!
Cowboy Kif's basic attack has a 15% chance to cause Bleeding for 2 turns
Howdy partner... I mean pardner. Ugh. *sigh*

Cowboy Kif is one of the outfits for Kif Kroker in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, released as part of the Red Light District.

Unlock Requirements[]

The player must have the Outfit-O-Matic building in order to unlock outfits. To begin unlocking Cowboy Kif, the player must reach Mutant Mayhem, Part 3. He can be completely unlocked for 687Pizza.

Creation Time: 8h 00m 00s


3 LassosLassos.png CommonCommon
Collect from Power Strip (8h)
6 BadgesBadges.png UncommonUncommon
Have Bender Raid Coworkers' Cubbies (8h 0m 0s)
Have Amy Get Ripped Off (8h 0m 0s)
6 WhiskeyWhiskey.png UncommonUncommon
Have Kif Retrieve Gross Personal Item for Zapp (6h 0m 0s)
Have Hermes Count Beans (8h 0m 0s)
6 SpursSpurs.png RareRare
Have Smitty "Guard" the Bar (8h 0m 0s)
Have The Professor Look for New Employees (8h 0m 0s)
Have Fry Sleep in the Closet (8h 0m 0s)


Icon Name Time Cost Rewards Requirements
CBKif Ride Betsy.png
Ride Betsy
“Giddying up...”
1h 0m 0s 35 Nixonbucks 23 XP
CBKif Choke on Chewing Tobacco.png
Choke on Chewing Tobacco
“Coughing up a wad...”
2h 0m 0s 65 Nixonbucks 40 XP
CBKif Do Lasso Tricks.png
Do Lasso Tricks
“Taking it for a spin...”
2h 0m 0s 65 Nixonbucks 40 XP
  • Lv. 3
CBKif Ride Mechanical Bull.png
Ride Mechanical Bull
“Bucking the trend...”
2h 0m 0s 65 Nixonbucks 40 XP
CBKif Get Lasso Stuck in Revolving Doors.png
Get Lasso Stuck in Revolving Doors
“Going 'round and 'round...”
4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 60 XP
CBKif Order Sarsaparilla.png
Order Sarsaparilla
“Hitting the hard stuff...”
4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 60 XP
CBKif Sigh with an Accent.png
Sigh with an Accent
“Exhausting the exhale...”
4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 60 XP
CBKif Try Not to Cough.png
Try Not to Cough
“Holding back the hack...”
4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 60 XP
CBKif Demand BBQ Chicken Pizza.png
Demand BBQ Chicken Pizza
“Disgusting traditionalists...”
8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP
CBKif Do the Achy Breaky Heart.png
Do the Achy Breaky Heart
“Dancing with the scars...”
8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP
CBKif Lasso Some Drunks.png
Lasso Some Drunks
“Roping the dopes...”
8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP
CBKif Rescue Damsel in Distress.png
Rescue Damsel in Distress
“Recovering the lost data..”
8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP
CBKif Rustle Up Some Grub.png
Rustle Up Some Grub
“Chowing down with pinkies up...”
8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP
CBKif Show Up at High Noon.png
Show Up at High Noon
“Being poetically punctual...”
8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP

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Combat Sprites[]

Kif Cowboy idle.png
Kif Cowboy action.png
Kif Cowboy yay.png

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