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Cost of Greed
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Robot Hell On Earth
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Devilish Deal
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Robot Hell On Earth (Goal)

Cost of Greed is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Robot Gypsy gives an ominous warning.


  • Have Robot Gypsy Foretell Grim Fates (6h)
  • Have URL Write Some Tickets (2h)


  • 5 Robot Soul 50 XP


URL Alright, lady, you're coming downtown. You're under arrest for second-degree false predicting.

Robot Gypsy Fool! My predictions always come true eventually. And now I foresee the coming of Robot Hell on Earth!

URL Maybe, maybe not. I'm still runnin' ya in.

Robot Gypsy Hang on, hang on! I also foresee that you will meet a very sexy gypsy lady who likes men in uniform.

URL I'll be on the lookout for her. Right after I book you. Aw, yeah.

Robot Gypsy Once the darkness envelops us all, there will be no safe haven for you to take shelter!

Smitty You expect me to believe that crap? I'm a cop, lady.

Robot Gypsy Magda the Gypsybot is never wrong! Especially not with cops!

Robot Gypsy I'm particularly good at predicting what will happen to cops who only have a week until retirement.

Part 2


Bender wishes for a billion dollars.



  • 5 Robot Soul 75 XP


Bender Okay, Beelzebot, here's my wish: I wish I had a billion dollars.

Robot Devil I can certainly hook you up with that! But of course I'll want something in return.

Bender Anything. Unless it's a billion dollars.

Robot Devil Nothing so difficult. I'll merely need you to exhume the corpses of dead robots and harvest their spare parts!

Bender I thought you were gonna ask for something hard!

Robot Devil Thanks to you, Bender, my robot army is now powered by the parts of undead robots!

Bender Yeah, I don't get many complaints about my graverobbing. Now where's my billion bucks?

Robot Devil Patience, patience! You know how long it takes bank transfers to clear.

Bender You sure you copied down my ABA routing number right?

Robot Devil Oh, yes yes yes. I mean, PRETTY sure...


Part 3


Robot Devil releases the Robot Moths.



  • 5 Robot Soul 50 XP


Robot Devil Behold my swarm of Robot Moths! I hope you New New Yorkers enjoy them!

Bender Whoa. Those are some creepy-looking robo-insects.

Robot Devil You should've seen them when they hatched. I couldn't keep my lunch down.

Bender You eat lunch?

Robot Devil Well, technically it was your lunch.


The Professor Good news, Amy! I've developed some Thunder Bombs that will zap the Robot Moths out of existence!

Amy Thunder Bombs, huh? Were they dangerous to make?

The Professor Oh my, no. Electrocution only affects short term memory and fortunately, being an old man, I don't have any.

Amy Really?...

Amy On another topic, you haven't paid me for 15 years, and I'm very trustworthy, so give me a lot of money now.

Part 4


Bender awaits his riches.



  • 15 Robot Soul 100 XP


Devilish Fry I heard you made a deal with the Robot Devil too.

Bender Yeah, I've been patiently waiting all day for my bags of money, and I'm starting to get a little jittery.

Bender I had to rob three clothing stores just to calm my nerves.

Bender Want fifty cummerbunds?

Robot Devil I really must thank you, Fry. Robot Hell on Earth wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for you.

Robot Devil You see, my hellish underlings are powered by greed - the very greed that drove you to ask for my hands!

Devilish Fry If you're saying this is my fault, would you mind keeping it down a little?

Robot Devil Too late! We're on Jumbotron!

Part 5


Bender pairs up with Billionairebot.



  • 5 Robot Soul 50 XP


Bender Hey, Robot Devil, gimme my billion dollars already!

Robot Devil If you recall, Bender, I didn't say I'd GIVE you a billion dollars. I said I'd HOOK YOU UP with a billion dollars.

Bender Aw, crap!... Wait -- all is not lost. See, "hook up" is slang for "have sex", and the main reason I wanted a billion dollars was to have sex with it!

Robot Devil Oh, dear, I've been somewhat outwitted! Well, to fulfill the bargain, I'll introduce you to Billionairebot. He'll teach you to make, and have sex with, as much money as you like.

Bender Looks like Bender was partly to clever for you this time!

Bender Oh, rich Billionairebot, teach me your sleazy exploitative moneymaking ways!

Billionairebot Well, I do owe the Robot Devil a favor...

Bender You made a deal with him too, eh? Is that how you got your first billion?

Billionairebot No, that's how I got this monocle.

Part 6


Billionairbot gives a real estate lesson.



  • 5 Robot Soul 75 XP


Billionairebot Your first lesson will be "how to make money in real estate". You're going to help me put up a new hotel.

Bender And you're gonna teach me how to stiff the contractors, right?

Billionairebot Oh, you'll see firsthand how I do it. Now get to work on those girders while I hire the lawyers.

Bender Y'know, I wasn't expecting to work this hard. is this what it's like to be a billionaire?

Billionairebot Well, the first billion is always the hardest.

Billionairebot That's why I started with my second billion.

Billionairebot Once again, lawyers came in handy.

Part 7


Robot Devil lays the groundwork.


  • Have Amy Look Evil in the Eye (2h)
  • Place a Robot Hell Pillar


  • 5 Robot Soul 80 XP


Robot Devil We're almost ready to break ground on the new Robot Hell expansion!

Amy The city won't let you build here. Not without building permits.

Robot Devil You forget that, as the Robot Devil, I have many devious abilities.

Robot Devil I already know where the Building Permit offices are! Once I walk there and get in line, I'm sure the City bureaucracy will issue the permits with its usual speed and efficiency!

Amy Your architecture is an eyesore!

Robot Devil Your insults only fuel my resolve!

Amy And your singing voice is terrible!

Robot Devil Now that was uncalled for!

Part 8


Billionairebot steals from Bender.


  • Have Bender Check His Pockets (8h)
  • Have URL Ignore Complaints (6h)
  • Place the Electrocuted Robot


  • 5 Robot Soul 50 XP


Bender Have you seen my wallet?

Billionairebot I'm rich, Bender. I've seen everybody's wallet at one time or another.

Bender Don't play dumb with me! You picked my pocket!

Billionairebot Merely part of your education, my boy. If you want to be a billionaire, it's important to diversity your income stream.

Bender You're just throwing money away!

Billionairebot When you're rich like me, money is no object.

Bender When you're poor like me, it IS an object. The kind of object I love having thrown at me!

Bender Like beer cans, or lingerie.

Bender I'd like to report a crime! I've been robbed by a robot named Billionairebot. He's a wealthy robot.

URL Can't help you, Bender. Billionairebot's already paid us all off.

Bender And you're openly admitting it? I want to speak to your precinct commander!

URL That would be Lieutenant Billionairebot.

Part 9


Amy tries to stop Robot Hell.



  • 20 Robot Soul 100 XP

BillionairebotNice work burying Bender's crime report, Officer. He won't be bothering me any longer. Here's an extra thousand.

URLMan, I feel dirty. I need some down time.

BillionairebotReally? I thought you beat cops were hard-core corrupt.

URLThat's not what I mean by "feelin' dirty" and "down time". Aww, yeah.

AmyHelp, Officer! The Robot Devil is building Robot Hell downtown and we need to stop him!

Off-Duty URLYou blind, lady? I'm off the clock.

AmyBut people need help! Isn't that what you first responders are supposed to do?

Off-Duty URLAs far as helpin' people, right now I'm a third or fourth responder at best.

Off-Duty URLIn these fine threads, the only thing I'm a first responder to is the ladies.

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