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Come Slither
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Story type
Main Goal
Island of Lost Bots
Previous Goal
Snail Fail

Come Slither is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the main goal of the Island of Lost Bots event, Act 2. To begin the goal, players must have completed both Snail Fail and Island Destination goals.

Part 1


The snails live to slime another day.



  • 16 Nixonbucks 10 XP


The Professor I thought you said the snails were taken care of!

Bender They were!

The Professor Then why did I find some hiding while I was changing clothes in my bedroom?

Bender I'd be hiding too if I saw you prancing around naked!

The Professor The snails' goop is becoming increasingly acidic. Soon it will be able to melt metal.

Bender Metal? Someone needs to do something!

The Professor Be my guest.

Bender Haven't I done enough just by being Bender?

Part 2




  • 32 Nixonbucks 20 XP


Fry What's wrong, Bender?

Bender The Professor stopped paying me! He says, correctly, that I caused the snail invasion and claims I have no value to the company until I get rid of them!

Fry No value? Did you remind him about your sassy attitude and colorful workplace commentary?

Bender Yes. There's no reasoning with the man!

The Professor Are you done cleaning up your mess?

Bender Which mess are we talking about?

The Professor The mess people are calling "Snailmageddon"!

Bender Never heard of it. You're not by any chance referring to "Snailbendermageddon", are you?

Part 3




  • 48 Nixonbucks 30 XP


Leela Promise me you'll be careful around the snails, Fry. Once touch of their goop will melt your skin away.

Fry Is there anything I can do to protect myself?

Leela Well, the snails are scavengers. They won't be attracted to you if you keep yourself generally clean.

Fry So I'm doomed.

Fry Bender, we have to get rid of the snails before they destroy everything with their acidic goop.

Bender Acidic goop, like all problems, is not my problem.

Fry Okay, but they've been spotted congregating around the poles at Electric Ladyland.

Bender Those poles knew what they were signing up for.

Part 4




  • 64 Nixonbucks 40 XP


The Professor Thank God you're here, Scruffy. We need you to clean some tropical decorations that just arrived.

Scruffy Scruffy don't hold much with the wanton culture of the tropics. Mm-hmm.

The Professor Really? I thought as a porn aficionado, you'd enjoy the island tradition of minimal clothing.

Scruffy And I do. It's the loose tropical attitude toward janitorial services I can't abide.

Scruffy Them tropical decorations are all spic and span.

The Professor Good work, Scruffy. How did you get the smell of rotting mango out of the tiki huts?

Scruffy I didn't. I burned 'em all and built new ones.

Scruffy Always knew that bamboo forest I own would come in handy someday.

Part 5




  • 80 Nixonbucks 50 XP


LaBarbara Thanks to you, those acid-spewing snails got into my kitchen and ruined my spicy goat curry!

Bender How could you tell? Your goat curry's pretty awful to begin with.

LaBarbara Shut your standpipe. After those snails slimed up the pot, my curry wasn't nowhere near as corrosive as Hermes likes it!

URL Hey, man, when you gonna take care of this snail problem? Chief's chewin' me out.

Bender I'm working on it. You gotta remember, hard work doesn't come easy to me.

URL I don't care, Bender. I got problems of my own. These snails are takin' up all my time, and I'm fallin' behind on my citizen-beating!

URL I'm startin' to forget my laser-club's name.

Part 6




  • 96 Nixonbucks 60 XP


Kif The people of New New York aren't happy about the snails. They're rioting in the streets.

Amy We should riot with them!

Kif Nobody enjoys a good riot more than me. But we could get hurt. Or be charged with property damage.

Amy You're just lucky I love you more than I love violent revolution.

Amy That was a pretty boring mob if you ask me.

Kif Well, it's New New York and they're rioting against snails. If you want a real mob scene, we should visit Detroit right after they've won a world championship of some kind.

Amy I may not live that long.

Part 7



  • Have Bender Strum Some Tunes (16h 0m 0s)


  • 112 Nixonbucks 70 XP


Bender Professor, we've moved as many tropical decorations we could into the city. At this rate the tropical island planet's gonna be stripped bare in a couple of days.

The Professor And yet, the snails still taunt us with their slimy corrosive calling cards. How are we to get rid of them?

Bender What if I played some soothing island music on a ukelele? And then started my own video channel of me playing the ukulele?

The Professor You're right -- it just might lull the snails back into their tropical torpor!

Bender I never thought of that. I just figured it'd get me some action with hipster fembots.

The Professor Bender, you've done it! The snails have become less hostile and they're migrating to Polynesia!

Bender But at what cost, Professor? At what cost?

The Professor I don't see that there's been any downside whatsoever.

Bender Don't you realize I've been elected to the Ukulele Hall of Fame? My picture's gonna be hanging next to Don Ho and Arthur Godfrey 'til the end of time!

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