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Come Hell or High Water
Mission Come Hell or High Water.png
Robot Hell On Earth
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Ahead of the Game
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Hellbound From Downtown
Why choose? Let's do both!

Come Hell or High Water is one of the event missions on Earth as part of Week 3 of the Robot Hell On Earth event.

This mission introduces Robot Snakes which require both Waterbomb.png and Thunderbomb.png, used in that order, to instantly defeat them. Some combats also include Incubots and Robot Moths from previous weeks. It is still possible to defeat these enemies, including the new Robot Snakes, with regular attacks (which inflict -1HP damage per hit).


Path Fuel Required Characters Combats Snakes
1 47 None 10 8 0-1 0-1 1
2 48 Ghost Bender 13 11 11 2-4 0-2 2
3 53 Ghost Bender 13 + Robot15 14 13 2-5 0-3 2
4 58 Ghost Bender 13 + Hookerbot 20 15 15 6 0-6 4
5 63 Ghost Bender 13 + Hookerbot 20 + Robot15 18 4
6 63 Ghost Bender 13 + Hookerbot 20 + Robot Leela* Off-Duty URL 22 17 18-19 8-10 5-6 4
7 68 Ghost Bender 13 + Hookerbot 20 + Robot Leela* Off-Duty URL 22 + Robot15 20 4

* When week 4 was released, Robot Leela was revealed to be a premium costume. Tinyco likely changed the map to use a free character instead, as this was the first time they would have ever required a premium character to 100% a map.

How to Play without Bombs: Add 1-2 Robots Robot and an Influencer Influencer to your party. Use the Robot defense boost Defense 8-Bit a few times (until enemy only inflicts -1HP per hit). Leave it to play out. Use the Influencer if needed to heal. Battle will take some time (10-15 mins plus), but it is possible to kill enemies without Bombs this way.

NOTE: As of App version 1.4.4. Defense boost no longer stacks.


Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
2 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip 2 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip
15 Robot Soul Robot Souls 54 Robot Soul Robot Soul
5 Hypnoton Hypnotons 5 Pizza Pizza
100% Completion
25 Pizza 70 Robot Soul
Combat Rewards Interaction Rewards
5Robot Soul

0-1HellMetal.png 0-1MothMetal.png 0-2SnakeMetal.png

0 Robot Soul 0 XP


Earth Come Hell or High Water.png

Space Interactions[]

Prepare for the Thirst[]

Path 1, node 1

It's the dehydration generation.

You've exhausted your water reserves and the crew is really thirsty. Now what?
  1. To the Robot Hell Gas Station (Chance 76%: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP; fail:-100HP)
    Success: The station stocked water in nonrecyclable tin cans. Aw hell.
    Failure: The only thing this gas station had in stock was pain and torture And undrinkable gasoline.
  2. Pass the Slurm (6XP)
    Addictive and dehydrating. That's not going to work.
    1. Tell everyone to sleep it off. (6XP)
      [Fill in]
    2. Tell everyone to sweat it out. (6XP)
      The ship become a sweat lodge. The body odor is inescapable. And thirst-provoking.
  3. Create a water substitute (Requires The Professor: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP)
    You have no idea what you are drinking, but you are still alive. Don't think about it.

Blowing Hot Air[]

Paths 2-7, node 1

Keep cool and carry on.

You suddenly feel sweat cover your whole body. The AC is broken and you can't open a window!
  1. Slap the AC Around (Chance 76%: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP; fail:-?HP)
    Success: You hear the roar of the motors fire back up. Don't assume this is the norm.
  2. Start fanning everyone (6XP)
  3. Repair the AC (Requires Kif: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP)

The Pitchfork to Rule Them All[]

Paths 4-7, node 2

Brimstone not incuded.

You find the Robot Devil's pitchfork in a pedastal. If Fry can pull it out, the Incubots will obey.
  1. Leave the pitchfork be.
    1. Refuse to choose. (?XP)
    2. Pull the pitchfork out. (6XP)
  2. Pull the pitchfork out.. (Chance: 76%: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png; fail:-100HP + 6XP)

Party Overload[]

Paths 4-7, node 3

Who invited THEM?

The ship gets slower & you hear loud thumps. Incubots storm the ship & climb on board!
  1. Maximum speed! (6XP)
  2. Maximum panic! (6XP)
    The crew follow your example and also panic. Get it together and decide what else to do!
    1. Use your artfulness (Requires Devilish Fry 10: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP)
    2. Use your craftiness (6XP)
    3. Use your fistfullness (Chance 76%: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP; fail:-?HP)
      Success: You emerge victorious as you stand above the lifeless Incubot remains.
      Failure: [Fill in]


Paths 2-7, node 4

Whoa Nelly, it's getting hot in here!

You notice an open safe filled with gold bars. Unfortunately, it's engulfed in flames. Decisions, decisions.
  1. Go for the gold. (Chance: 76%: 500Nixonbucks; fail: -400HP)
    Success: [Fill in]
    Failure: [Fill in]
  2. Leave it alone. (6XP)
  3. Send in a ringer. (6XP)
    You flag down a nearby incubot. It doesn't seem like it has any intention of helping you.
    1. Offer to split the gold. (-100Nixonbucks: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP)
      Because it runs on greed, the incubot agrees to help. It takes (and keeps) the gold.
    2. Offer to split his skull. (50XP)


Enemy Sprites[]

Robot Minion idle.png
Robot Moth idle.png
Robot Moth
Robot Snake idle.png
Robot Snake
RobotGuard idle.png
Chapek Guard
Chapek Robot idle.png
Chapek Robot
RobotElders orange idle.png
Robot Elders
AntiHumanPatrol idle.png
Anti-Human Patrol