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While out on a space Mission or during PVP battle, the player will face enemies in combat. An upcoming battle is represented by a yellow node on the mission map. Success in combat depends mostly on the character selection. Players can also influence combat by actively defending, attacking and launching Special attacks.

  • Players can choose enemies to attack by tapping on them. (Tap before the character starts their attack so critical hits are not missed.)
  • Players can pause combat by hitting the "X" in the upper right hand corner.
  • Players can cause characters to defend (+10% of normal defense) against an enemy attack by tapping the screen when the white circle below a character fills up.
  • Players can cause characters to hit with critical attacks (+10% of normal damage) by tapping right as the circle under the enemy becomes white.


CaptainDelivery BoyInfluencerRobotScientistVillain

Each character is assigned 1 of 6 possible classes. Each class has a unique ability and a varied set of statistics (hp, attack, defense, speed). See Class for more detail.

  • Captain Captains are strong hitters but are relatively weak against enemy attack. Their special ability is Attack Up, which boosts the attack of the entire crew and can be stacked up to 3 times per battle.
  • Delivery Boy Delivery Boys are quick and have consistently high stats across the board. Their special ability is a Single Critical Attack, which hits a single enemy with a high damage attack.
  • Influencer Influencers are relatively weak across the board but have good speed. Their special ability is Party Heal, which heals the entire crew.
  • Robot Robots have high HP and Defence but are slow. Their special ability is Defense Boost, which boosts the defense of the entire crew and can be stacked up to 3 times per battle.
  • Scientist Scientists have relatively moderate stats across the board but have area of attack that hits more than one enemy. Their special ability is AOE Power Attack, which hits the enemy party with a high damage attack.
  • Villain Villains are similar to Delivery Boys in that they have high stats across the board. Their special ability is an Enemy Defense De-buff, which lowers the defense of all the enemies in the fight and can be stacked up to 3 times per battle.


Each character is assigned 1 of 3 possible affinities. Each affinity has different strengths and weaknesses.

Affinities.png Affinities About.png

  • Brainy Brainy.png: Strong against Brave.png, weak against Cool.png.
  • Brave Brave.png: Strong against Cool.png, weak against Brainy.png.
  • Cool Cool.png: Strong against Brainy.png, weak against Brave.png.


Each Character has a unique set of up to 5 passive abilities. Each passive gives the player special abilities, such as ability to freeze, burn or blind an enemy, deal additional damage or heal crew members. Each character starts with 2 of 5 passive abilities unlocked. Ranking up the character will unlock the remaining passive abilities. See Passives for more detail.

Passives Example.png Passives About.png

Combat Elements[]


HP HP and Death Death[]

HP (Health Points) represent the amount of life a crew member has available. Death is what happens when a character runs out of HP. That character is removed from battle. Packs to revive or heal can be used during space missions between combat nodes and are purchased with Pizza or given out as event or Daily Login Rewards.
  • Health Packs Icon Pack Health.png: Restores 25% of character HP
  • Revive Packs Icon Pack Revive.png: Revives a dead crew member and restores a small amount of health
When leaving a space mission, all characters are returned to full health, even dead characters.

Attack Attack[]

Attack determines the amount of damage a crew member can inflict. Each Class has a predetermined amount of Attack points.
There are three types of attack animations: shoot, melee, and thrown weapon. Crew members that throw, can have up to 3 weapon variations depending on level. The animations and weapons are purely visual and have no impact on damage statistics.

Defense Defense[]

Defense determines how much HP is lost when attacked. Each Class has a predetermined amount of Defense points.

Speed Speed[]

A character's speed affects their order in combat. The quicker characters attack first, followed in order to slowest character. Combat order is first determined by Level, then by Speed. If all characters are the same level, the order is: Delivery Boy, Captain, Influencer, Scientist and Villain, and then Robot.
Speed stat tie breaks come down to player choice -- that is, how the player chose to add characters into the crew. For instance, if a player added Fry, Amy, and the Professor to the crew, the attack order would be Fry > Amy > The Professor. However, if the player added the Professor, Amy, Fry to the crew, the attack order would be Fry > The Professor > Amy.

Special Ability[]

Every character also has a special ability which can be used in combat once charged up. The type of ability is based on the character's Class. Special abilities can deal additional damage, apply attack or defense buffs or heal allies, depending on the class. Special abilities also recharge at different rates depending on class. For a detailed breakdown see Class.

Combat Status[]

Defense 8-BitInvulnerableBleedConfuseElectrifySleepFreeze

Both Class-Based Abilities and Character-Specific Abilities can sometimes change the combat status of allies or enemy party members. The passive attributes determine which combat status is imposed and onto which party. Some passive abilities also remove statuses. Combat statuses show up as icons next to characters during PVP battles and during combat Missions. If a status is set to last for longer than 1 round, a small number on top of the combat status shows how many rounds the status will remain active if not removed.

Class Statistics[]

The table below outlines each classes' stats at level 30. Please see the individual Class pages for a greater breakdown on their level stats.

Captain L30 3850 414 83 32
Delivery Boy L30 4127 359 92 33
Influencer L30 3627 203 83 32
Robot L30 4405 304 101 31
Scientist L30 3739 276 92 32
Villain L30 4127 359 92 32
Futurama bar chart.png

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