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Central Park is an area in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow that is neither a building nor a district. (However, there is the Central Park District, which contains Central Park and the area around it.) This greenery patch of New New York has an interesting past.

Originally, players could place decorations (and even buildings) within the fixed scenery. The store contains Central Park specific decorations, such as the Central Park Fountain, Central Park Bridgelette, Central Park Bridge, and the non-walking animated Central Park Badger.

When the event Lrrr Strikes Back began, this placing power was removed. Jam City placed warning on Facebook and Reddit, letting players know of the upcoming change and telling them to remove their items from Central Park. If items were not removed, they would be placed in the player's inventory. There were some glitches, which happens with any change, but now, it has become normal to not be able to place items in Central Park. Ever since the change, Central Park has been reserved for event invasions.

From the Support Page[]

Support / Bee Weekend / Question

IMPORTANT: Buildings & Decorations on Central Park will be stored August 2nd, 2017!

We will be storing buildings and decorations that they have placed in Central Park into your inventory on August 2nd. Any items you have placed there will be put into your inventory, which can be accessed through Deco Mode.

Enter Deco Mode by selecting the four arrows in the lower left hand corner. Once there, you can select the inventory icon in the bottom right hand corner. Select the items you want to place and click on the checkmark to confirm their placement!

Buildings and decorations will no longer be placeable in Central Park.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and hope you enjoy the upcoming content!

©Jam City and Tiny Co

Before the Change[]

Event Central Parks[]

Apologies that a screenshot from Lrrr Strikes Back invasion is missing.

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