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3. Cease and Resist
Mission Cease and Resist.png
Lrrr Strikes Back
Omicronian Mothership
Required Character:
Bachelor Fry
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:

Cease and Resist is one of the missions on Omicronian Mothership during the Lrrr Strikes Back event.

Viva la resistance!


  • 20Pizza
  • 50Weed
  • 80Hypnoton

Repeat completion rewards

  • 2Icon Chip Job Giga.png
  • 28Weed
  • 5Hypnoton
  • 10XP


Total Fuel Costs:

  • Path A (locked): 25
  • Path B (locked): 25
  • Path C (locked): 24
  • Path D: 23
  • Path E (locked): 25
  • Path F (locked): 26
  • Path G (locked): 31


OM 3 Cease and Resist.png

Space Interactions[]

Peculiar Peril[]

Path G

Who knows what's in store?

You find a seemingly abandoned Omicronian Ship. You veer off course to get a better look.
You pull up to the abandoned ship. What do you do next?
  1. Investigate the abandoned ship. +1Icon Chip Job Giga.png
    1. You investigate the ship. It doesn't get more abandoned than this.+?
    2. You salvage some supplies before resuming your course. +1Icon Chip Sci Giga.png
  2. Definitely a trap....bail out! +?

Enemy Sprites[]

Omicron Variant idle.png
Strong Omicronian Guard
OmicronGuard idle.png
Omicronian Guard
OmicronGuard idle.png
Weak Omicronian Guard
Poppler Variant idle.png
Alpha Poppler
Poppler idle.png
Poppler idle.png
Weak Poppler

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