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Carry a Big Stick
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Story type
Character Goal

Carry a Big Stick is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


URL promises to clean the streets.


  • Place 5 Stop Signs
  • Place 5 Traffic Lights


  • 150 Nixonbucks 100 XP


URL There's a new lawman in town.

Fry Aren't you just the same old lawman?

URL I was being metaphorical. This time I'm ruling with an iron fist.

Fry Is the iron fist metaphorical, too?

URL No, man. Literal. Aw yeah.

URL Order and law is returning to New New York.

Fry You mean "law and order."

URL You have your priorities and I have mine. Aw yeah.

Part 2


URL performs a search.


  • Have URL Investigate Leads (2h 0m 0s)


  • 150 Nixonbucks 100 XP


URL Hands up, old man. This is a stop-and-probe.

The Professor You mean a "stop and frisk" don't you?

URL If I'd meant "stop and frisk" I would have said "stop and frisk." Aw yeah.

URL The cavity search produced no evidence of criminal conduct. And very few signs of life.

The Professor Perhaps you'd like to probe further.

URL Aw no. Aw yeah.

Part 3


URL goes overboard.


  • Have URL Beat Perps Senseless (2h 0m 0s)
  • Build CitiHall (6h)


  • 150 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Fry Aren't you going a little overboard with your methods?

URL I'm doing everything by the book.

Fry What book?

URL Beating a Suspect into Submission for Dummies. Aw yeah.

Fry Are you sure you can just beat up anybody you want?

URL I'm just following the code.

Fry The police code?

URL Naw, man. My brutality source code. I almost forgot... Aw yeah.

Part 4


URL keeps New New York safe.



  • 150 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Fry Um, excuse me, Officer URL?

URL Just a moment, citizen. I'm still enjoying today's installment of Frank and Ernest.

Fry But I have reason to believe that my roommate is thinking about maybe committing a crime.

URL Duty above self for the "Thin Tin Line." Aw yeah.

Bender But officer, I didn't do anything. Yet.

URL I had reason to believe you were contemplating a criminal act. Which is, by itself, a criminal act.

Bender Oh, in that case, get ready to give me a big beating in a few days.

URL You're malware. And I am the anti-virus software.

Bender And...do the catchphrase.

URL Aw yeah

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