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1. Cable Guy
Omicron Persei 8
Number of Paths:
The crew tries to get the Artifact from Lrrr

Cable Guy is the first and only main story mission on Omicron Persei 8.


Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
1 Icon Chip Job Kilo.png Kilo Career Chip 1 Icon Chip Job Kilo.png Kilo Career Chip
1 Icon Chip Del Kilo.png Kilo Delivery Chip 1 Icon Chip Del Kilo.png Kilo Delivery Chip
20 Hypnoton Hypnotons 40 Hypnoton Hypnotons
10 XP XP 55 XP XP
Artifact1.png Omicron Persei 8 Artifact
100% Completion
5 Pizza
Combat Rewards Interaction Rewards
15 Nixonbucks 5 XP 0 Nixonbucks 0 XP


Path Fuel Locked Path Combats Interactions
A 10 None 2 1
B 15 Bender 5 2


OP8 1 Cable Guy.jpg

Space Interactions

Drinks on the House

Path B, node 1

Bender needs some juice.

Bender's power cells are low! You consult an Omicronian for help "juicing" him up.
Omicronian: State your business, puny Earthling!
  1. Ask for drink recommendations. +6XP
    Guard: Wargaritas are refreshing, while the Death Nog's corrosive acid warms the belly!
    1. Thank him and flee. Ends interaction! +5XP
    2. Request an Omicronian drink. +6XP
  2. Request an Omicronian drink.
Omicronian: Death Nog? Wargarita? CHOOSE!
  1. Order Death Nog. -20HP
    Turns out Death Nog contains a corrosive acid. Your stomach is now a sieve.
  2. Order a Wargarita. +10XP
    Mmm. Strawberry with a dash of belligerence.
  3. Pass on drinks. +5XP
    Never accept drinks from a stranger. Unless it's the good stuff.

Lrrr and the Artifact

All paths, last node

He's got what you want.

Lrrr: Is this the artifact you seek? But I need it to get Earth TV in hi def!
  1. Demand the Artifact. +6XP
Fry: Give it up Lrr or the universe will be canceled!
  1. Give an alternate option. +6XP
    Fry: So Pay for cable instead of stealing hotel wifi.
    Lrrr: Do you know how long a cable we need to reach Earth?
  2. Trade for the artifact. +6XP
    Fry: What if we make a trade for the artifact?
    Lrrr: I have a proposal: Include your skull in the deal.
Lrrr: Leave me alone about this damn artifact! I'm missing a "Previously on."
  1. Reveal spoilers. +5XP
    Fry: I'll reveal a season ender for every minute you waste.
  2. Call Lrrr's internet provider. +5XP
    Fry: We're going to call your cable company.
  3. Appeal to Reason. +5XP
    Fry: Be reasonable! Or at least reasonably reasonable.
Lrrr: That's it! I will slay you from my recliner. Hand me my raygun.


Amy Watch out for Omicronians. They're hostile, even for alien behemoths.

Fry Can you blame them? Everyday they wake up with the ugliest faces in the galaxy.

Amy Gleesh, Fry, that's harsh. I'll have to remember to use it if they make fun of my dimples.

Combat begins.

Amy That was a close one.

Fry Yeah, they almost shot my arm off. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my right arm.

Amy You have another one.

Fry Don't be ridiculous. I only have one right arm.

Fry Aren't you Lrrr, ruler of planet Omicron Persei 8?

Lrrr Yeah, that's me. Who's asking?

Fry I am Fry...nobody from the planet Earth. Did you happen to see a bizarre Artifact lying around?

Lrrr I sure did. I took it home. And I vowed that the first person to ask me about it would get his skin fleamed.

Fry *gulp* Fleamed, you say?

Lrrr Yeah but relax. You're the second person to ask. The first was my neighbor trying to stick his nose in my business. I fleamed it right off.

#Lrrr and the Artifact Space Interaction begins.

Fry I've come to demand the ancient artifact from you!..Please?

Lrrr You'll have to pry it out of my cold living hands!... Or kill me, I guess. Choose your weapon!

Fry I choose natural causes!

Fry Do you by any chance have a family history of high cholesterol?

Combat begins.

Fry Sorry, Lrrr. I need this artifact to clear some Hypnowaves in New New York.

Lrrr But I need it to steal my cable channels!

Fry Can't you just get a satellite dish?

Lrrr I am rule of the planet Omicron Persei 8! The dish would look ridiculous on top of the palace!

Enemy Sprites

OmicronGuard idle.png
Omicronian Guard
GiantBee idle.png
Space Bee
Lrrr idle.png
Ndnd idle.png

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