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Bring the Pain Monster
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Character Goal
Pain Monster
MonCon 3018

Bring the Pain Monster is the goal for Pain Monster in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


The Pain Monster questions Hermes.



  • 200 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Pain Monster I'm taking a poll of who's paid their taxes this year. Shall I add you to the pain list?

Hermes You certainly shall not! I files before the deadline and I didn't take any questionable deductions!

Pain Monster I only care about the deadline. Loud-Music-So-You-Can't-Sleep Monster is in charge of audits.

Hermes So I won't be seeing you on April 15th?

Pain Monster You were on time with your taxes, so there's no need to book a room at the Pain Motel.

Hermes Well, as a bureaucrat, I'd never let anything make me miss a deadline -- not my wife, not my son, not anything.

Pain Monster Who's the real monster here?

Part 2


The Pain Monster warns Amy.


  • Have Pain Monster Keeps His Deadlines ()
  • Have Amy Get Ripped Off (8h 0m 0s)


  • 200 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Pain Monster I don't believe I saw your tax filing, Amy.

Amy Am I late? Will I have to spend a weekend with the Pain Monster?

Pain Monster I don't make the rules. I just claw at them with my razor-sharp, acid-tipped talons.

Pain Monster Remember to tell your friends that the Pain Monster is watching.

Amy Since when do you need anyone's help filling people with terror?

Pain Monster Well, the name "Pain Monster" doesn't scare people like it used to.

Amy You have to admit, getting a "Pain Monster" fan-page invite takes away some of the edge.

Pain Monster We all want to be admired on some level.

Part 3


The Pain Monster warns Bender.



  • 200 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Pain Monster I didn't get your taxes this year, Bender. Or the ones from last year. Looks like we'll need to spend two weekends together.

Bender I didn't file my taxes because I didn't have any income the last two years.

Pain Monster Really? The Planet Express corporate filing shows you as a full-time employee.

Bender Yeah, but they don't pay you unless you show up. Do I look like the kind of guy who shows up?

Pain Monster How exactly did you afford your lower-middle-class lifestyle without a paycheck?

Bender I just stole whatever I needed.

Pain Monster You do know you have to declare stuff you steal as income, right?

Bender I don't know anything about tax law. You'll have to talk to my accountant.

Bender I can't, 'cause I robbed him after he did my taxes.

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