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Boxy Robot
Character Boxy.png
Delivery Boy Delivery Boy
Brainy.png Brainy
All My Circuits
Pink Skyscraper
Unlock Goal:
Hot Box
Box Out
Rank 2: Passive Defend.png
I Am Boxy
Boxy's defense is increased by 20%.
Rank 3: Passive Remove Electrify.png
Shocking Development
Boxy's Special Attack also removes Electrify from all allies.
Rank 4: Passive Defend.png
6 Months Left to Live
Boxy's Special Attack will apply a buff to all allies that reduces damage from all sources by 10% for 2 turns.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Boxy is an unlockable character that was available during the All My Circuits event.


Boxy Robot is a character on All My Circuits, portrayed by an acting unit of the same name, who communicates by beeping. He is the evil half brother of Calculon's character. Boxy was once married by Calculon while on board a hospital ship, it was announced that Boxy and his wife had six months to live. While no further All My Circuits episodes have been shown in Futurama, it is well known that deaths in soaps are not always permanent, particularly ones that are overly complicated.

See the full biography at Infosphere.

Requirements to Unlock[]

Unlock Requirements[]

To open Boxy, the player must complete the Hot Box goal. He can also be fully unlocked for 571 Pizza.


30 ScriptCurrency Script.png CommonAlways
Have The Professor Fall for Product Placement (4h 0m 0s)
Have Fry Fall for Product Placement (4h 0m 0s)
Have Bender Fall for Product Placement (4h 0m 0s)
Have Shakespeare Calculon Do a Private Performance (4h 0m 0s)
1 Robot Chapel MortuaryRobot Chapel Mortuary.png
Build Robot Chapel Mortuary (30s)
1 Robo Fresh BillboardRobo Fresh Billboard.png
Place Robo Fresh Billboard


Icon Name Time Cost Rewards Requirements
Boxy Power Back Up.png
Power Back Up
“Full speed behind...”
1h 0m 0s 35 Nixonbucks 23 XP
Boxy Point His Gun.png
Point His Gun
“Aiming for dramatic effect...”
2h 0m 0s 65 Nixonbucks 40 XP
  • Lv. 2
Boxy Act In a Living Room.png
Act In a Living Room
“Doing a family show...”
3h 0m 0s 80 Nixonbucks 54 XP
Boxy Engage Stealth Mode.png
Engage Stealth Mode
“Running silent, running deep...”
3h 0m 0s 80 Nixonbucks 54 XP
  • Lv. 3
Boxy Light Up His Eyes.png
Light Up His Eyes
“Brightening the view...”
4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 60 XP
Boxy Steal the Scene.png
Steal the Scene
“Hogging the fame trough...”
4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 60 XP
Boxy Beep In Enthusiasm.png
Beep In Enthusiasm
“Backing that baby up...”
5h 0m 0s 110 Nixonbucks 73 XP
Boxy Order a Shot of Beep.png
Order a Shot of Beep
“Staying alert...”
6h 0m 0s 125 Nixonbucks 85 XP
Boxy Buy New Batteries.png
Buy New Batteries
“Charging up...”
8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP
Boxy Browse for New Shell.png
Browse for New Shell
“Thinking outside the box...”
10h 0m 0s 180 Nixonbucks 119 XP
Boxy Look for a Boxy Vehicle.png
Look for a Boxy Vehicle
“Fitting a square peg in a roundabout...”
12h 0m 0s 200 Nixonbucks 130 XP
Boxy Beep in the Lobby.png
Beep in the Lobby
“Making some noise...”
18h 0m 0s 250 Nixonbucks 164 XP
Boxy Call Calculon.png
Call Calculon
“Connecting with his co-star...”
1d 0h 0m 0s 300 Nixonbucks 195 XP

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No outfits currently available.

Combat Sprites[]

Boxy idle.png
Boxy action.png
Boxy yay.png

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