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Battle of the Universes
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Story type
Side Goal
An Xmas Xarol
Previous Goal
You're a Mean One, Robot Santa

Battle of the Universes is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is a side goal in the event An Xmas Xarol, Act 2.

Part 1


Learn about PVP.



  • 5 Santa Medal 50 XP


The ProfessorIt's time to battle the alternate-universe version of ourselves. You'll have a whole menu of universes to choose from.

Power Suit FryHow am I supposed to choose? I mean, if TV teaches us anthing, there's at least five or six alternate universes out there.

The ProfessorChoose however you like. I'm going to fight the Professors who've achieved more than I have.

Power Suit FryWhat if they've achieved more in the area of weaponry?

The ProfessorIt won't help them. No matter how many alternate universes there are. I'm the most lowdown, dirtiest street-fighin' Professor there is.

Power Suit FryPicking my opponents was easier than I thought!

The ProfessorReally? What method did you use?

Power Suit FryAn old Fry family secret we call "eeny meeny miney mo".

The ProfessorYou fool! 26th-century physicists proved that "eeny meeny miney mo" is biased in favor of the worst possible outcome!

Power Suit FryI know that. The Fry family secret is to stop on the final "miney".

Part 2


Battle with other people!



  • 5 Santa Medal 100 XP


The ProfessorIt's up to us to protect our univers from alternate-universe invaders.

Power Suit FryBut didn't we initiate the aggression by opening a door to their universes?

The ProfessorOoh, look at Mr. "I Respect the Norms of Interplanetary Warfare"! Get this through your thick head, Fry: the only law is "kill or be killed"!

Power Suit FryAs long as I have two options, I'm happy.

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