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Bachelrrr Life
Goal Midlife Crisis Lrrr.png
Story type
Character Goal
Midlife Crisis Lrrr
Love is in the Air

Bachelrrr Life is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the personal goal of Midlife Crisis Lrrr, an unlockable character available during the event Love is in the Air.

Part 1


Lrrr comes to party.



  • 320 Nixonbucks 200 XP


Fry Lrrr? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be ruling the planet Omicron Persei 8?

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr Don't mind me. I'm just a with-it guy enjoying a night on the town.

Fry Why are you dressed like that?

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr Ndnd and I are having marital issues, so I've decided to fly solo for awhile. NOW ACCOMPANY ME TO THE NEAREST STRIPPING FACILITY!

Fry Slow down, Lrrr. If you keep drinking like that, you're gonna get alcohol poisoning.

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr Your Earth food and drink are no match for the mighty Omicronian stomach. Yesterday I ate an entire Hot Pocket and survived!

Fry You mean an entire carton of Hot Pockets? 'Cause just one is barely a decent breakfast for me.

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr Oh, dear God, a morning glob of steaming chemicals? If you tell me you have the four-cheese pizza for breakfast, I shall vomit!

Fry No, like most bachelors, I prefer the five-cheese pizza.

Part 2


Lrrr goes out with Fry.



  • 480 Nixonbucks 300 XP


Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr We have a whole evening of partying ahead of us. Let us sieze the night!

Fry I don't think I'm in the mood to go out again.

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr Either we sieze the night together or I sieze your planet alone!

Fry Let me check my closet for a clean boogieing shirt.

Fry You might be wearing a tad too much cologne.

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr It's Axe Body Spray. The advertising says Earth women will flock to me by the thousands if I wear this stuff.

Fry I'm not sure that's true.

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr I hardly think a company named after a weapon would lie to me.

Part 3


Lrrr starts annoying everyone.



  • 640 Nixonbucks 400 XP


Leela Lrrr, it's three in the morning! It's rude to play music when other people are trying to sleep.

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr I'm just living the life, baby.

Leela Well, at least try to keep it down. And what's that spell? Are you vaping indoors?

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr Indeed I am, for you see, I am a brash, arrogant cool guy who plays by his own rules.

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr Oh, wait -- I forgot to call you "baby". Plays by his own rules, baby.

Ndnd It's time to come home, Lrrr. I'm sorry for saying that you let yourself go and-- hey what is that smell?

Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr Axe Black Eclipse Daily Fragrance.

Ndnd Oh, dear monstrous God. Lrr, you fool, Axe personal grooming products are horrifically toxic to Omicronians! That's why they're banned on our planet!

Ndnd And yet even I cannot resist the scent of Black Eclipse Daily fragrance. Take me now, you fat ugly love-reptile!

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