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Avenue Hotel
Avenue Hotel.png
Game Details
Collect Time:
75 Nixonbucks 50 XP
Build Details
Build time:
6h Build time
1,250 Nixonbucks
8 x 3
Color TV (on your retina).

Avenue Hotel is one of the Buildings in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Character Unlock Materials


Character Actions

Image Character Name
Amy Curse in Cantonese.png
Amy Curse in Cantonese
Bee Bender Sting Someone in Self Defense.png
Bee Bender Sting Someone in Self Defense
Bender Plot a Heist.png
Bender Plot a Heist
Bender Raid Liquor Cabinets.png
Bender Raid Liquor Cabinets
Bill Nye Give a Speech About Science.png
Bill Nye Give a Speech About Science
Avenue Hotel.png
Blatherbot Bother the Hotel Staff
Bobseld Hermes Slip and Slide.png
Bobsled Hermes Slip and Slide
Burglar Bender Burgle Guests.png
Burglar Bender Burgle Guests
Avenue Hotel.png
Clamps Clamp the Concierge
CBKif Do the Achy Breaky Heart.png
Cowboy Kif Do the Achy Breaky Heart
Avenue Hotel.png
Devilish Fry Do Hand Puppets
Avenue Hotel.png
Devilish Fry Give His Hands a Break
Avenue Hotel.png
Donbot Lose His Temper
Avenue Hotel.png
Dr. Cahill Check for a Pulse
Dwayne Rest His Head.png
Dwayne Rest His Head
Dwayne Rest His Head.png
Dwayne Rest His Head
Avenue Hotel.png
Father Changstein El-Gamal Read the Hotel Bible
Avenue Hotel.png
Fender Mingle with VIPs
Avenue Hotel.png
Ghost Bender Harass the Guests
Avenue Hotel.png
Ghost Calculon Turn off the Lights
Golden Bender Order the Finest Room Service.png
Golden Bender Order the Finest Room Service
Hermes Give Sexual Harassment Training.png
Hermes Give Sexual Harassment Training
Hyper-Chicken Negotiate a Plea Deal.png
Hyper-Chicken Negotiate a Plea Deal
Avenue Hotel.png
Joey Mousepad Intimidate Guests
Lee Lemon Adjust Her Beard.png
Lee Lemon Adjust Her Beard
Leg Mutant Apply for Bellhop Position.png
Leg Mutant Apply for Bellhop Position
Mecha-Hermes Demonstrate His Extend-o Arm.png
Mecha-Hermes Demonstrate His Extend-o Arm
Avenue Hotel.png
Michelle Nag Annoyingly
Avenue Hotel.png
Midlife Crisis Lrrr Practice Pick-Up Lines
Mr Peppy Scale the Walls.png
Mr. Peppy Scale the Walls
Avenue Hotel.png
Nightlife Amy Sit at Hotel Bar
Nixon Eavesdrop on Political Rivals.png
Nixon and Agnew Eavesdrop on Political Rivals
Avenue Hotel.png
Off-Duty URL Chill By the Pool
Avenue Hotel.png
Pazuzu Become Stone Silent
Pharaoh Bender Apply Guyliner.png
Pharaoh Bender Apply Guyliner
Avenue Hotel.png
Power Suit Leela Display Super Speed
Avenue Hotel.png
Preacherbot Pull Out His Knife
Ramblin' Rodriguez Strum for Tips.png
Ramblin' Rodriguez Strum for Tips
Avenue Hotel.png
Roberto Scream and Stab
Avenue Hotel.png
Robot Devil Unleash His Wrath
Robot Fry Rust in Swimming Pool.png
Robot Fry Rust in Swimming Pool
Avenue Hotel.png
Robot Gypsy Offer Free Consultations
Avenue Hotel.png
Robot Leela Protest for Robots' Rights
Avenue Hotel.png
Slurm Duke Fry Tap Into His Reserves
Avenue Hotel.png
Slurms MacKenzie Host an After Party
Stephen Hawking Teach Physics.png
Stephen Hawking Teach Physics
Borax Kid Get Some Shut Eye.png
The Borax Kid Get Some Shut Eye
Professor Make Frequent Bathroom Trips.png
The Professor Make Frequent Bathroom Trips

Character Event Actions

Image Event Character Name
Avenue Hotel.png
Island of Lost Bots Bender Catch Some Rays
Avenue Hotel.png
Robot Hell On Earth Bender Put In Some Earplugs

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