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Earn prizes with your spoils of battle!

Xmas Xchange is the Prize Ladder for the An Xmas Xarol event located in the Central Park in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Act 1[]

Icon Name Type Unlock Requirements
Building Our Motherboard of Mercy Liquor Kitchen.png Our Motherboard of Mercy Liquor Kitchen Building 150Santa Medal 20Red Star Ruby.png
Building Neglected Neptunian House.png Neglected Neptunian House Building 345Santa Medal 35Red Star Ruby.png
Power Suit Fry.png Power Suit Fry Outfit 850Santa Medal 40Red Star Ruby.png
Building Look Up The Time Skyscraper.png Look Up The Time Skyscraper Building 1225Santa Medal 10Dreidal Medal.png 36Red Star Ruby.png

Act 2[]

Icon Name Type Unlock Requirements
Power Suit Amy.png Power Suit Amy Outfit 100Santa Medal 58Pink Pindrop Diamond.png
Building Toy Works Factory.png Toy Works Factory Building 430Santa Medal 8Red Star Ruby.png 28Pink Pindrop Diamond.png
Building Sedevaald Global Seed Vault.png Sedevaald Global Seed Vault Building 675Santa Medal 12Red Star Ruby.png 16Pink Pindrop Diamond.png
Building Power Suit Repair Center.png Power Suit Repair Center Building 1025Santa Medal 14Red Star Ruby.png 20Pink Pindrop Diamond.png
Decoration Rabbi-Bot.png Rabbi-Bot Decoration 1450Santa Medal 8Red Star Ruby.png 36Pink Pindrop Diamond.png 25Turbo Medal.png

Act 3[]

Icon Name Type Unlock Requirements
Power Suit Scruffy.png Power Suit Scruffy Outfit 850Santa Medal 50Blue Cut Sapphire.png
Building Toys 4 Tots Dumpster.png Toys 4 Tots Dumpster Building 900Santa Medal 12Pink Pindrop Diamond.png 18Blue Cut Sapphire.png
Building Nutrient-Free Soup Kitchen.png Nutrient-Free Soup Kitchen Building 950Santa Medal 12Red Star Ruby.png 36Blue Cut Sapphire.png
Building Catskills Lodge.png Catskills Lodge Building 1000Santa Medal 8Red Star Ruby.png 24Blue Cut Sapphire.png
Building Festive Suicide Booth.png Festive Suicide Booth Building 1050Santa Medal 14Pink Pindrop Diamond.png 19Blue Cut Sapphire.png 25Kwanzaa Medal.png

Act 4[]

Icon Name Type Unlock Requirements
Power Suit Leela.png Power Suit Leela Outfit 275Santa Medal 75Purple Amethyst.png
Building Unwanted Xmas Tree Lot.png Unwanted Xmas Tree Lot Building 350Santa Medal 30Red Star Ruby.png 110Purple Amethyst.png
Building Happy Xmas Snowman.png Happy Xmas Snowman Building 275Santa Medal 16Pink Pindrop Diamond.png 25Blue Cut Sapphire.png 136Purple Amethyst.png
Building Snowmo Repair.png Snowmo Repair Building 500Santa Medal 42Red Star Ruby.png 104Purple Amethyst.png
Decoration Planet Express Ship Snow Sculpture.png Planet Express Ship Snow Sculpture Decoration 625Santa Medal 24Pink Pindrop Diamond.png 15Blue Cut Sapphire.png 75Purple Amethyst.png

Act 5[]

Icon Name Type Unlock Requirements
Power Suit Professor.png Power Suit Professor Outfit 350Santa Medal 100Teal Topaz.png 50Nebula Orb.png
Building Robot Santa's Torture Chamber.png Robot Santa's Torture Chamber Building 275Santa Medal 5Pink Pindrop Diamond.png 18Purple Amethyst.png 126Teal Topaz.png
Building Surface to Santa Rocket Launcher.png Surface to Santa Rocket Launcher Building 500Santa Medal 6Red Star Ruby.png 14Blue Cut Sapphire.png 110Teal Topaz.png
Building Robot Santa's Work Station.png Robot Santa's Work Station Building 275Santa Medal 15Pink Pindrop Diamond.png 22Purple Amethyst.png 94Teal Topaz.png
Building Robot Santa's Ice Fortress.png Robot Santa's Ice Fortress Building 625Santa Medal 4Red Star Ruby.png 16Blue Cut Sapphire.png 70Teal Topaz.png