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Game Details
Build Details
Build time:
5s Build time
10 Hypnoton
5 x 5
Cannot be stored
Collect all 7 artifacts to clear the Hypnowaves from the universe!

The Altar, also called the temple, the artifact building, the artifact base, the artifact stand, and "the thing that holds the artifacts," is the building that players must uncover in the beginning of the game to do just that: hold the Ancient Artifacts. It takes five seconds to clear the 10 hypnotons off the building. It cannot be stored in the inventory or rotated.

As the player earns more artifacts the image updates accordingly.


Alien Language[]

The Altar also sports an alien language, specifically Alien Language 2 (AL-2), aka Betacrypt 3 or Nibblonian. When translated, the words spell out (from top to bottom): YOMOM / MOM / NYC / DOOOMMM, and the "arm" spells out: I USE A WIG. The same language is used on the artifacts themselves as well. Enjoy the puzzle and see if you can translate them!

Artifact1Silhouette.png Artifact1.png Artifact2Silhouette.png Artifact2.png Artifact3Silhouette.png Artifact3.png Artifact4Silhouette.png Artifact4.png Artifact5Silhouette.png Artifact5.png Artifact6Silhouette.png Artifact6.png Artifact7Silhouette.png Artifact7.png File:Artifact8Silhouette.png Artifact8.png

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