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Alpha Intro.png
Start Date:
January 13, 2018
End Date:
January 24, 2018 3PM PDT
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Alpha was the 14th event in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It ran from January 13, 2018 to January 24, 2018 3PM PDT. Event related items, such as Mystery Boxes and Pizza Popper.png Pizza Popper trading, remained in the store until January 26, 2018 3PM PDT.

Alpha Missions are your chance to get characters and outfits that you might have missed! To open Recruit Boxes, play through Alpha Missions and fight Universe Battles.

Players are rewarded Pizza Popper.png Pizza Poppers during the event for completing various tasks and missions. Once 25 Pizza Poppers are collected, they can be traded for 5 Pizza in the store.


Week Icon Name Cost How to Unlock
1 Icon Character Mutant Dwayne.png Dwayne Free! Place Shanty Shack
1 Icon Character Fender.png Fender Free! Place Lorenzo's Music Store
1 Icon Character Hattie McDoogal.png Hattie McDoogal Free! Place Hattie McDoogal's House
1 Icon Character Hookerbot.png Hookerbot Free! Place Run Down Building
1 Icon Character Ndnd.png Ndnd Free! Place Omicronian Castle
1 Icon Character Pazuzu.png Pazuzu Free! Place Notre Dame
1 Icon Character Roberto.png Roberto Free! Place The Knife's Edge
1 Icon Character Mutant Vyolet.png Vyolet Free! Place Sewer Boiler

Note: Players must have the character's building placed in order to get the characters for free. Otherwise, they may be obtained from one of the Mystery Boxes, along with many other Characters and Outfits!


Week Name Type
1 Voyage of the Planet Express Ship Main Goal
1 Career Chip On Your Shoulder Side Goal
1 Doppleganger Duel Side Goal


# Name Planet How to Unlock Lvl
1-1 A for Alpha The Moon The Professor, Use Tractor Beam Gun (6s) to get Mission Key #1 5
1-2 Fly By Night The Moon Complete A for Alpha to get Mission Key #2 10
1-3 Shipping With Style The Moon Complete Fly By Night to get Mission Key #3 15
1-4 Fragile Package The Moon Complete Shipping With Style to get Mission Key #4 20
1-5 Sweater Weather The Moon Complete Fragile Package to get Mission Key #5 25
1-6 Safety Training Exercise The Moon Complete Sweater Weather to get Mission Key #6 35
1-7 We Have Liftoff The Moon Complete Safety Training Exercise to get Mission Key #7 45
1-8 Burning Rocket Smell The Moon Complete We Have Liftoff to get Mission Key #8 55
1-9 Speed of Light The Moon Complete Burning Rocket Smell to get Mission Key #9 65
1-10 Best of the Best The Moon Complete Speed of Light to get Mission Key #10 75

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