All Hail Robot Devil
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Main Goal
Robot Hell On Earth
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Devilish Deal

All Hail Robot Devil is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Robot Devil rises to the surface.


  • Have Fry Be Suspicious (6s)
  • Have Bender Draw Grafitti (6s)
  • Learn About Robot Hell On Earth



Icon Character Fry.png Aaaahh!!! It's the Robot Devil!

Icon Character Robot Devil.png Well, that's no way to greet an old friend.

Icon Character Fry.png What are you doing here, old friend?

Icon Character Robot Devil.png I'm meeting with off-Broadway producers about a little musical I've written. Also, I thought I might see the sights and create a little mayhem.

Icon Character Fry.png I'm only gonna warn you once, you evil soul-stealing monster: mounting an off-Broadway show is nothing but heartache.

Icon Character Robot Devil.png I'm actually here to scout some real estate. As you know, Robot Hell's in the bowels of New Jersey, and it can get a little warm and stenchy.

Icon Character Fry.png Why'd you even choose Jersey in the first place?

Icon Character Robot Devil.png Same reason as everybody else: affordability and evilness.

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