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All Blown Up
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Story type
Character Goal
Lrrr Strikes Back
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What's Your Malfunction


Malfunctioning Eddie looks for help.



  • 50 Weed 75 XP


Bachelor Fry Hey Malfunctioning Eddie, how's it hangin'?

Malfunctioning Eddie If by "it" you mean my motherboard, the answer is "by two thin wires".

Malfunctioning Eddie Every time I explode, it's a little bit harder to reassemble me.

Bachelor Fry I know the feeling. Every time I sneeze, it's a little bit harder to remember to wash my hands before I prepare food for others.

Malfunctioning Eddie I'm thinking about getting help for my explosions.

Bachelor Fry Weren't you already committed to a robot asylum once? I know because I was there.

Malfunctioning Eddie Yeah, they kept pushing all kinds of different patches on me that never solved the problem.

Bachelor Fry Sound like you have a serious mental health issue.

Malfunctioning Eddie You do know your pants are missin, right?

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