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| cost = 300 pizza
| cost = 300 pizza
| size = 4 x 4
| size = 4 x 4
| notes = Comes with [[Stephen Hawking]]<br/>Used for ''Earn Another PhD''.
| notes = Included with [[Stephen Hawking]]. Used for ''Earn Another PhD''.
{{Quote|’As seen on TV’ (really late at night).}}
{{Quote|’As seen on TV’ (really late at night).}}

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Academy of Inventors
Fut building AcademyOfInventors 7351 thumbnail@2x.png
Game Details
Getting Experimental
Collect Time:
50 Nixonbucks 30 XP
Build Details
Build time:
0s Build time
300 Pizza
4 x 4
Included with Stephen Hawking. Used for Earn Another PhD.
’As seen on TV’ (really late at night).

Academy of Inventors is a building in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It was introduced during Getting Experimental, received with purchase of Stephen Hawking premium character. Used as destination for Stephen Hawking’s Earn Another PhD task.

Character Event Actions

Char. Actions
Character Stephen Hawking.png Task EarnAnotherPhD.jpg

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