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A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)!
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A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

It is the first official goal of the game and the main goal of the Planet Express District. Completing it unlocks the next district.

Part 1


Professor gets in the mood.



  • 50 Nixonbucks 25 XP


Fry Nibbler, we need to go back and save Leela!

Nibbler Look around, Fry! Everything is in shambles! You must collect the seven ancient artifacts to clear the Hypnowaves and unshamble the universe!

Fry I wanna write this stuff down, but my pen broke.

Nibbler The fate of the universe is in your ink-stained hands!

Fry Uh-oh.The Professor's trapped in the Planet Express Building. He's my only living relative AND he's the one who signs my paychecks!

Fry Professor! You gotta help me save Leela!

The Professor Not unless you prove you can handle a package with care.

Fry Then I'll care the crap out of it!

The Professor That's comforting to know.

The Professor Thank you for the rescue, Fry. Now's the perfect time to sit in the sun and drink piña coladas like a hippie.

Fry But we need to save Leela! Plus, the sun's blotted out by Hynowaves.

The Professor I certainly can't drink piña coladas in the shade... Very well. I'm forced to survive on cosmos like an independent working girl who's had a long week.


Fry Use that giant brain of yours to figure out how to clear those Hypnowaves away already!

The Professor I'll need my Tractor Beam Gun to do my best Hawking-grade thinking.

The Professor Now, if you want Einstein-grade thinking, I'll have to get naked.

The Professor Good news, Fry! That session with the Tractor Beam Gun allowed me to concentrate on how to clear the Hypnowaves!

Fry How?

The Professor Beats me, but it won't have anything to do with tractor beams.

Part 2


Fry looks for a crewmember.


  • Clear Block


  • 50 Nixonbucks 25 XP


Nibbler Fry, I've returned with an urgent reminder. There are seven ancient Artifacts scattered throughout the universe. You will need to find them in order to clear the Hypnowaves. Once the Artifacts are in your possession, they need to be activated. There is a temple near here where you can do that. Clear the next block to reveal the temple. Do you understand?

Fry I'm sorry, were you talking to me?

Nibbler Success! You've found the temple. Activating the Artifacts will clear large areas of Hypnowaves.

Fry Great. Now what?

Nibbler Find the first Artifact by trekking through the dangerous depths of space. Good luck and goodbye.

Fry You had me at goodbye.

Part 3


Fry gets a drink.




Fry I miss Leela so much. Normally I'd drown my sorrows in liquor, but all the bars are in ruins!

The Professor Oh, boo hoo! Nobody ever said booze would be a simple solution to all your problems!

Fry Actually everyone said that.

Fry Please, Professor, we have to rescue Leela form that perpendicular universe she's stuck in. What is she finds another man there?...

The Professor Pfft. Find someone smarter, better-looking and more successful than you? We'd better hurry.

Part 4


Amy joins the team.



  • 50 Nixonbucks 25 XP
  • 1 Icon Chip Job Kilo.png
  • 1 Icon Chip Del Kilo.png


Fry Amy!? What are you doing inside this bar?

Amy As near as I can figure, the transdimensional portal spit me out into the ladies' room. Which is good, because usually the line is out the door.

Amy The Professor and I are ready, eager and willing to start saving everyone in the universe from the Hypnowaves!

Fry That makes three of us! How many people are in the universe?

Amy Several quadrillion.

Fry Then we'd better split up.

Part 5


The crew looks for an ancient Artifact.



  • 50 Nixonbucks 225 XP


Fry There's no sign of Leela anywhere. We need to get rid of more Hypnowaves if we're gonna find her.

The Professor Well then, good news, everyone! Using my Smelloscope, I picked up the olfactory signature of an ancient artifact on Omicron Persei 8. I believe it could clear away those annoying Hypnowaves.

Fry An artifact that clears Hypnowaves? That's exactly what Nibbler described.

The Professor It's always Nibbler this, Nibbler that with you, isn't it, Fry? Nothing I do is ever good enough! [SNIFF] I'm sorry. It's just that sniffing space for too long plays havoc with my remaining hormone.

The Professor Good work, Fry! You retrieved the Artifact with no bodily harm!

Fry No bodily harm? I'm bleeding internally and I think my skull is fractured!

The Professor I meant "no bodily harm to ME." Idiot.

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